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On this page, I will document the day to day activities regarding the restoration

Removed the front bumper, bumper mounts, radiator frame, radiator was already remove and in the car

Cleaned up the breather with this solvent my neighbor Lou gave me. Thanks Lou, he also gave me some rags and hand cleaner. This solvent is super-ultra strong!! I soaked the breather overnight, when I took it out, the grease and paint just slid off!

Where thick gloves when working with this solvent.
I slept in the living room, cause my wife said I smelled real bad.

Removed Hood, Front fenders.

If I'm going to take the body off of the Convertible I need somewhere to put it. As it is now, both cars are occupying the entire garage. So I need to get the sedanetter running, in order for me to move the cars around.

-11/10/99 Sedanette
Actually got the engine to turn over! Thanks to Kelsey!

Thanks to Kelsey, I got the exhaust thing unstuck, so it's now safe to start the engine.
Tried to see if I have any spark, and NOPE, I don't.
Cleaned up the coil and distributor.
When I took the distributor cap off the rotor just popped off.
Man is this car deteriorated!
Assembled it all back together, still no spark.
Oh well.

Bought tune up parts, so I can get the sedanette going, cap, rotor,
Points spark plugs, wires, condenser, cap won't be in until monday.

Went to the Good Guys fall thing here in Northern California,
not too many Buicks, I'll be posting pictures here soon.
Met a guy name Roger, who has a 53 4 door convertible, nice clean car,
great job on the car Roger!

As I was leaving kinda disappointed that I was not able to find ONE! 49 Buick,
I see one pulling out of the parking lot, oh well I thought.
as I got out to the street, the same car passed me, anyway, to make a long story short.
I met Rex, who is the owner of a 49 Roadmaster, black, His car was restored by
the person who did the Rain Man movie cars. His car was actually used for the sound effects!!
That is totally cool. Rain Man is one of my favorite movies of all time!