1949 Buick Super
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This will web page will document the entire process of my 1949 Buick Super Convertible restoration.

I recently purchased 2 1949 Buick Supers in October of 1999, one is a convertible and the other is a sedanette. The cars came as a set for a pretty decent price. What beautiful cars they are, I'm sure you agree if you are visiting this site.

The convertible is in pretty bad shape, the floor and trunk are basically rotted/rusted out. The interior is basically shot, and missing EVERYTHING except for the dash and some door handles. The engine is missing parts here and there but looks in pretty good shape.
The body has surface rust and the rockers are basically gone. Whew! This is going to be a lot of work!

The sedanette is pretty complete a lot of surface rust like the convertible. The sedanette is going to give up it's life for the convertible. I feel bad about stripping the sedanette for convertible, but that was the purpose of the sedanette when I purchased the pair. You may have seen them for sale in Hemmings motor news.
Originally the cars were both baby blue, now they are blue and brown. Both cars were manufactured in Flint Michigan and found their home in Minnesota. Of all places where salt and harsh weather do amazing things to metal.


1949 Buick Super

1949 Buick Super Convertible


1949 Buick Sedanette


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